Stories are born outdoors.

Located along the banks of the Ottawa River, Whitewater Brewing Co.'s story began with a shared epiphany between friends: that the Ottawa Valley is fertile with ingredients to make great tasting beer for well-deserving beer drinkers. In addition to its host of original and seasonal brews, Whitewater delivers the flavours of the region in from-scratch dishes at two brew pubs, as well as hosts a range of events designed to engage and entertain visitors.

All activities – including Whitewater’s foray into distilling – are underpinned by an unwavering commitment to sustainability and its passion for crafting products and experiences worthy of the adventurous spirit inside us all. In an effort to further clarify Whitewater’s brand structure, as well as to enhance connections between products and properties and strengthen its presence across all consumer touchpoints, a series of brand updates – including a can design strategy – was required.


Position Whitewater as an approachable, active lifestyle brand with deep connections to the outdoors

Develop a brand identity that retains the essence of the legacy brand and lends itself to broader storytelling

Create new and intriguing can and packaging designs to appease target audiences in a highly competitive market

Whtiewater coaster samples

Adventure is brewed within.

Guided by Whitewater’s mission to spark curiosity and reflect what it loves about the outdoors – excitement, evolution, and space and place for all to enjoy – in its products and experiences, an engaging brand concept emerged from our designers. The logo takes on a badge-like appearance, and features a series of overlapping, cresting waves to represent the rapids which Whitewater is powered by.

Whitewater beanie samples

Inspired by Nature.

A curated colour palette which reflects organic, earthy tones was established, and pulled across a suite of products – including packaging and can designs which are likewise inspired by the great outdoors and broader Canadiana.

Whitewater business card sample
Two Whitewater mugs
Whitewater font samples
Whitewater sweater
Whitewater Brewing Art samples
3 Whitewater T-shirt samples
Whitewater Popup Banner display sample

Fun and Lively.

Known for creating memorable beer, food, and lifestyle products for curious and craft consumers alike, Whitewater’s extended brand assets needed to be standout and distinct. Banners, swag, coasters, and more all needed to reinforce the company’s position as a fun and lively brand whose adventurous spirit and love for the outdoors, its constant evolution, and the space and place it holds for all of us is reflected in every aspect of its business.

Whitewater tote bag
Whitewater white hat
Woman standing by a river
Whitewater sticker samples

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