Invigorating the Digital Identity Revolution.

As a leading-edge software developer, AffinitiQuest empowers organizations and their users to own and control their unique information in the context of simple, safe and secure digital experiences — certified by measurable business outcomes. Through decentralized identity and verifiable credentials, AffinitiQuest is accelerating digital business transformation, increasing security and compliance, and building trust with users through privacy.

In an effort to better convey AffinitiQuest’s brand story, as well as to enhance the company’s credibility and position as an industry leader, the creation of a revitalized brand identity and website was required.


Conceptualize and design a brand identity that is standout, bold, and professional

Design and develop a website that displays thought leadership and attracts top-tier talent

Confirm the brand promise and sales pitch that AffinitiQuest is sharing with clients

AffinitiQuest branded business cards
AffinitiQuest logo

Trust and Innovation.

Equipped with a clear vision, our team of creatives designed an invigorating brand for AffinitiQuest, including a reimagined logo, colour palette, and typography. The logo features a vibrant gradient to give the illusion of three-dimensionality, and is complemented by blue and orange colours to evoke a sense of both trust and innovation. An Increased type weight (as compared to AffinitiQuest’s previous logo) offers greater contrast as well as legibility for smaller applications.

AffinitiQuest colour sample
AffinitiQuest brandguide

A Simple and Engaging User Experience.

To complement AffinitiQuest’s reimagined brand identity, an AODA compliant, streamlined, and engaging website was created to showcase AffinitiQuest’s digital identity solutions. In addition to clear calls to action and micro animations for visual interest, the website features detailed information about career opportunities, resources, fillable forms, e-newsletter subscription option, and much more.

Combined with customized content tailored to AffinitiQuest’s specific target audiences — citizens, customers, and workforce — the website is a highly effective solution for demonstrating the company’s value.

AffinitiQuest mobile device sample
AffinitiQuest webpage laptop sample
AffinitiQuest mobile device sample
AffinitiQuest webpage tablet sample
Woman smiling at her mobile device
AffinitiQuest branded mug
AffinitiQuest branded shirt