The future is bright.

Nestled along the Ottawa River and only a short distance from the nation’s capital, Deep River is a burgeoning community rich with cultural spirit and breathtaking scenery. Its commitment to the arts and sciences, combined with beaches, creeks, trails, clubs, and recreational facilities, makes Deep River an idyllic destination for new and young families, adventurers, and small businesses alike to feel enlivened.

Having identified a need for an updated brand identity and overarching marketing strategy that would increase the Town’s population as well as awareness of its assets, opportunities, and quality of life benefits, Deep River enlisted the support of our team.


Conceptualize a unique, flexible brand identity that portrays Deep River as vibrant and thriving

Develop comprehensive brand guidelines to support brand consistency and use across applications

Create a thoughtful marketing strategy to generate brand awareness and attract new residents, tourists, and businesses

Deep River branded flags

Coming Full Circle.

Deep River’s brand and subsequent logo is full of vibrancy and movement, as inspired by the Town’s commitment to nurturing a connected community. The circular formation of the logo’s leaves signify bonds between people — and enlivened by a vibrant colour palette – celebrate the diversity of the Town’s cultural fabric and relationship with nature. Complemented by a classic script font, this logo reveals the artistic and cultural spirit of the Town: admired by Deep Riverites and attractive to new residents.

Deep River logo variations

Welcoming Others Into the Community.

With a new brand in place, a brand guide and distinct voice was developed to ensure Deep River would be identifiable in the marketplace — and to those who might consider making a move in. A warm, welcoming, informative, and authentic tone was introduced to impart family-friendly vibes, an open spirit, and to equip people with the information they might need to address their interests.

A man and a child on a kayak
Deep River letterhead
Deep River branded truck
Deep River branded tote bag
Deep River poster samples
A man carrying a child on his shoulders

Challenging the Status Quo.

Throughout this project, Deep River showcased a passion for embracing change and innovative thinking. As a town unafraid to challenge the status quo, the updated brand needed to be communicated, understood, and embraced by Deep River’s diverse audiences — which needed to be supported by a comprehensive marketing plan. Including everything from communication best practices to key messages; social media content to recommended marketing channels and tactics, our team of creatives positioned Deep River for widespread success.