Empowering Futures

As the most trusted source of human resources information and insight within the electricity industry, Electricity Human Resource Canada (EHRC) is committed to providing information, training methods, and reskilling programs to meet the evolving industry’s needs.

With EHRC’s Electricity Competency Framework – the first of its kind in Canada – educators and employers alike are empowered with the up-to-date information needed to develop effective HR tools, resources, and/or relevant training programs. To promote this framework, CT was enlisted to develop a comprehensive campaign strategy.


Generate increased subscribership to the Framework via a multifaceted campaign strategy

Create a distinct and aesthetically pleasing visual direction for all campaign assets

Showcase how the framework provides users with a database of competencies to create a range of HR tools and resources

ERHC Social media post samples
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EHRC mobile display samples
ERHC Newsletter assets
EHRC Sales sheet sample

Future proofing the workforce.

After designing an atypically bright campaign visual direction, our team of creatives developed two campaign taglines – Future proof the workforce and Shape a future-ready classroom – to appease the framework campaign’s dual target audiences of employers and educators.

Both taglines were featured across a landing page and series of social posts, videos, and sales sheets to spark intrigue for the framework and its merits to the industry.

Unlocking long-term success.

For recent graduates and employees, developing skills in communication, problem-solving, and leadership is critical to career growth. For employers, providing opportunities to do so increases their company’s curb appeal.

As such, EHRC developed the Professional Skills Training program and required a comprehensive campaign strategy to promote it.


Highlight the program’s benefits for graduates, employees, and employers alike

Mobilize snappy content and a fresh campaign aesthetic to make an eye-catching appeal to target audiences

Generate sign-ups to the Professional Skills Training program

EHRC Linkedin post samples
EHRC Mobile social media post mockup
EHRC Ad samples
EHRC Ad samples

Youthful Vibrancy.

Using a combination of motivational content and vibrant image and pattern treatments, our team of creatives developed a youthful campaign direction for the Professional Skills Training program. The copy and campaign aesthetic was then pulled across a suite of assets, ranging from blogs and landing page banners to social posts and digital ads. Together, the advertisements – which were placed on Google, Meta, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, and YouTube – generated over one million impressions and 4,300 engagements.

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EHRC mobile site samples
EHRC Landing Page samples
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EHRC Webpage mockup

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